The next story contains topics that may be disturbing to some audiences and gruesome images. Such images and topics include: body horror, suicide, abuse, hard violence and religious related topics. Recommended only for people over 15 years old. 

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-Think before making any choice.
-Have fun.

The Bennet family has had a mysterious curse for generations. Nobody knows what really goes on and everyone who knows it ends up running away or killing themselves. Now the new generation will unraveal the secret that was kept for decades. What will it be and which are the consecuences?

Install instructions

In case you can´t play it online, download the HTML. Drag and drop the HTML to your browser. 


The Uninvited Guests of the Bennet Family v1.0 - download.html 308 kB


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Got few errors of writing, but I'm really enjoyed the story. Good work, Denom.


I will look into that. I didn´t have enough time to check that out. Thanks for letting me know and for playing, Kay :)